Tuesday, December 12, 2006

More Wreaths, #48

Here it is the cheapest wreath yet! $2 for the form and $2 for the small metallic boxes. (I didn't use all of them.) The bows are either recycled or ribbon I had on hand, and the paper is what I am wrapping with this season, so I'm calling it a wash. The boxes are out of the recycling bin. They look a whole lot better on the door than they do piled by the curb!

Actually, the cheapest wreath is hanging on the lamppost, but since it's not a door wreath, I'm not counting it toward my goal. That one was $2.69 for the faux evergreen and $1 for the poinsettia stem. It looks perfect, and I avoided having to make a bow. You're going to sense a theme there...

I also wrote to my grandmothers last month. Oh, she's a goody two shoes.

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Michelle said...

Love the new wreath - too cute!